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What’s the Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

Ingest – In Food and Drink
Our first blog looked at the benefits and the drawbacks of “Cooking with CBD oil”.
Although you wouldn’t use CBD Oil as a cooking oil – the active ingredients in CBD oil turn to vapour at 1600C and dissipate in the air, you can add a few drops to one of our recipes for Mojitos, Vinaigrettes, Avocado Toast or Ice Cream or to a Brownies recipe.
OK CBD’s flavours blend easily and can heighten the taste of your favourite foods. However, the body absorbs CBD through the intestines more slowly than it does sublingually. You may therefore find that the effects of CBD are longer lasting when you take it with food.
It is also worth noting that the bioavailability is lower when ingested than if taken under the tongue.
Dr Atkinson says that, “When CBD is ingested, its bioavailability is about 5 percent of the dose consumed,” says In other words, if you ingest 100 milligrams of CBD, by the time it’s metabolized in your gut, the resulting dose is only about 5 milligrams.
So, if you want to try cooking with CBD oil, or drizzling on your food, you might want to be clear on the strength of CBD oil you are taking and go for a reputable brand who’s quality you are confident and have been reviewed independently by 3rd parties. Find out more in our blog Why We Dont Label OK CBD Oil by Per Cent Strength.

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